The project

"Enhancement of the environment, the territory, production, the multifunctionality of companies and social agriculture for the rural area of ​​the Magredi, the springs and the Pordenone plain"

On 24 September 2015, the Rural Development Program 2014-2020 of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region was formally adopted by the European Commission, with a financial endowment of 296 million.

There are two main objectives in the RDP system:

  1. contribute to improving the competitiveness of agriculture and primary producers;
  2. contribute to the preservation and enhancement of ecosystems.

Intervention 16.7 is aimed at the integrated development of sub-regional territorial areas in rural areas not affected by the LEADER approach, by supporting the preparation of cooperation strategies for territorial development by mixed public-private partnerships and their implementation. aimed at providing adequate responses to multisectoral needs expressed at the local level.

The procedure for implementing the intervention is divided into two phases:

  • the first aimed at collecting the expressions of interest of public-private partnerships being set up that present a cooperation strategy proposal relating to a specific area;
  • the second of an invitation to public-private partnerships, selected following the first phase, to the submission of the request for support and the related cooperation strategy for territorial development and to the completion of the partnership.

The themes that will be developed in the second phase are 4:

  1. promotion of slow rural tourism, through the creation or improvement of integrated local tourist products, improvement of the hospitality system, creation of networks of operators and structures;
  2. enhancement of environmental, cultural, archaeological and landscape resources, through conservation, recovery and redevelopment interventions aimed at using and enjoying them in a sustainable and responsible manner, awareness-raising, communication, promotion and territorial marketing initiatives;
  3. enhancement of the typical characteristics and productive vocations of the territories, through the creation, strengthening and development of local markets, as well as the realization of promotional initiatives carried out in the local area;
  4. socio-economic integration of the territory and social inclusion, through the promotion of the multifunctionality of farms, the start-up of activities in the field of social agriculture, the animation and activation of basic services, the promotion and implementation of services by agricultural companies in agreement with public bodies, didactics and environmental education

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